Through the CrossFit methodology, we teach our athletes proper body mechanics that allow making their daily activities more safe and efficient. We work hard at developing a fitness inside the gym that brings you a better quality of life outside the gym. We move… And we do it well!!!

We have seven CrossFit LVL1 or CrossFit LVL2 coaches that specialize in making sure each member gets what they need from each  workout, whether it’s in a group or one-on-one setting. Every workout is tailored to you as the individual. In the words of Greg Glassman, the founder of crossfit “We do the common, uncommonly well.”

Our mission is to drastically improve the quality of life of anyone that walks through our doors. We will always be honest with our athletes and operate with respect and integrity. We strive to serve the heart of each member both literally and figuratively. If a wild fire can start with only a spark, then the world can be changed by helping change the life of one person.



At AYM CrossFit , we guarantee a community, an experience, an accountability, and a fitness family unlike anything you have ever seen before. And to receive this, all you have to do is walk through our doors. We also guarantee results, but that depends on you!

Jay Flowers
Jay FlowersCrossFit LVL 2 Trainer
As AYM CrossFit’s Founder and Head Coach, Jay’s always been a fierce competitor with a love for sports and fitness performance.
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Sarah Laviner
Sarah LavinerCrossFit LVL 1 Trainer
Staying active in playing and coaching sports has always been important to Sarah, so it’s no surprise that CrossFit…
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Josh Schyler
Josh SchylerCrossFit LVL 1 Trainer
Josh came to AYM CrossFit in 2017 after serving as a Sargent in the U.S. Army. Drawing on his experience in the military…
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Chris Hunter
Chris HunterCrossFit LVL 1 Trainer
After playing various sports and participating in Gymnastics in his younger years, it was rodeo that eventually took coach Chris’ focus…
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Jay Todd
Jay ToddCrossFit LVL 1 Trainer
Jay Todd came to AYM in 2016 as a member with a recreational fitness background in soccer, marathon running, scuba diving…
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Raymond Dean
Raymond DeanCrossFit LVL 1 Trainer
As an avid cyclist and runner for many years, Raymond is no stranger to the fitness lifestyle. CrossFit was a natural fit…
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Chuck Pittmand
Chuck PittmandCrossFit LVL 1 Trainer
As Captain of the North Scotland County Fire Department, Chuck was introduced to CrossFit through AYM’s…
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