Meet The Team

Jay Flowers // Founder & Head Coach // CrossFit Level 1

As a former collegiate baseball player, Jay’s always been a fierce competitor with a love for sports and fitness performance.

 “I was introduced to CrossFit in 2012. I fell in love with it immediately because I have always been a competitor and CrossFit allowed me to continue competing after baseball was over. Over the past five years, CrossFit’s taught me that while it never gets easy, it does gets better! While it “hurts so good”, building a community of athletes at all fitness levels working towards a common goal of getting better has been awesome and humbling…My goal is to create a lifestyle of fitness to allow for a great quality of life from now until we’re in our 70s or 80s.” – Jay Flowers

 Jay has his Bachelors in Exercise Science from Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs GA, enjoys Clemson Tigers Football, and spending time with his wife Amber and their son Parker, the youngest member of the AYM family.


Raymond Dean // CrossFit Level 1

As an avid cyclist and runner for many years, Raymond is no stranger to the fitness lifestyle. CrossFit was a natural fit for Raymond who completed his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification in January of 2017. Raymond’s passion is helping members use good body mechanics to master the complex movements safely and effectively:

“It’s not all about how much you lift; its more about how you lift…Seeing students’ progress and hit new PRs is awesome, and being a part of that as a coach is an incredible feeling.” – Raymond Dean

Raymond has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology from Appalachian State University and works as a Manufacturing Engineer at Marmon Powertrain Controls and with Rainbow Cycles when he’s not training himself or helping others.


Sarah Laviner // CrossFit Level 1

Staying active in playing and coaching sports has always been important to Sarah, so it’s no surprise that CrossFit is her passion:

“I was first introduced to CrossFit 3 years ago and immediately developed a passion for increasing my knowledge, strength, and overall health. CrossFit has benefited me inside and outside of the gym. My job is very active and being able to maintain energy throughout the day is very important. Plus, I’m able to share what I’ve learned with my students to get them excited about living healthier lives. In this short time, I have grown mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger through the workouts and others support at the gym.” – Sarah Laviner

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in K-12 Health and Physical Education and works as an PE teacher for the Scotland County School System.


Chuck Pittman // CrossFit Level 1

As Captain of the North Scotland County Fire Department, Chuck was introduced to CrossFit through AYM’s First Responder Program in 2016. Just ten months later Chuck received his CrossFit level 1 certification and joined the coaching staff at AYM.

Chuck has a degree in Lineman Technology from Nash Community College, works with Duke Energy, and lives in Laurinburg with his wife Casey and their children Jarred, Addison, and Delanie.



Josh Schyler // CrossFit Level 1

Josh came to AYM CrossFit in 2017 after serving as a Sargent in the U.S. Army. Drawing on his experience in the military, Josh works with our athletes at all skill levels to improve and work at their highest intensity.

“Being a positive influence for others by coaching and working with them to take control of their health and fitness is the biggest reward as a CrossFit Coach. Seeing the improvement in our members happiness and confidence in the gym is awesome” – Josh Schyler

Josh lives in Laurinburg with his wife Paige and their children Sophia and John.



Jay Todd // CrossFit Level 1

Jay Todd came to AYM in 2016 as a member with a recreational fitness background in soccer, marathon running, scuba diving, and weight training. After a few months of CrossFit, he joined our team as a business partner and received his CrossFit LVL1 Trainer Certificate.

“AYM CrossFit is not just a great box; it’s a community of local athletes who support one another in and out of the gym. Our coaches challenge every athlete, regardless of skill level, to work at their personalized intensity level. Seeing the PR’s and improvements in all of our members weekly is a great feeling!” – Jay Todd

Jay’s works as COO for Service Thread, a local engineered textiles manufacturing company. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Elon University and lives in Laurinburg with his wife Julieann.